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My Newborn Photoshoot

There are so many questions always asked about a newborn/baby photoshoot, so I have formulated the most common ones to help answer those that might spring to mind, or maybe even give you something to think about that you hadn't previously considered. But primarily my main aim for this session is for your new family to feel relaxed. Whilst the designated time for taking photos is 4 hours long, rest assured I don't intend to be taking photos for that length of time as you'll need to change and feed your little one and if the session was only two hours long you'd feel under pressure or even rushed which equals a very unsettled little baby. I have all the equipment so that I come to you, bring the blankets, props, posing pillow etc. so you have no need to worry about getting to a studio... It's hard enough getting out of bed after having a baby never mind getting ready to pop out to a studio! A newborn photoshoot is not just restricted to baby but also mum, dad and siblings, just let me know prior to the photoshoot.


When is the most ideal time to do a Newborn photoshoot?

A newborn photo shoot should ideally take place when your little one is 3 to 10 days old. Babies sleep very deeply at this early stage and are still able to maintain that lovely, tight curly position they held when laying safely in the womb. I am then able to mould them onto those wonderful cute positions whilst they dream away safe and sound in a deep sleep. However do not despair if you have a baby a little older than this and you have only just discovered the art of newborn photography. 

When should I book my newborn session?
It is never too early to book a session, most people tend to book just after their 20 week scan. I will then add you to my schedule around your due date. As soon as you are able, after having your baby you can contact me and we will then arrange your session. If you have already had your baby and you have not already booked please get in touch as soon as possible. It is always a good idea to think about where you would like to display your photograph’s in your home. So think about colour that you would like to be used in your session. I plan and prepare my session in advance so it is very important to let me know of any particular preferences that you would like before the session. 

Why does the Session  last up to 4 hours
This is because I work solely around the babies needs, nappy changing, feeding, cuddles to help sooth and settle them all take up quite a lot of time but don’t worry you will not be bored, the session will fly by. I work in a relaxed and informal setting, the studio will be very warm as baby will need to be kept cosy and comfortable ensuring they will sleep like a baby! I will position baby, enabling you to put your feet up, watch and relax. If you would like family shot’s it is important to let me know when booking. If you would like other children in the session please be aware that 2 to 3  hour’s is a long time for young children. Arrangement’s may need to be made for young children to either attend towards the end or the beginning so that they will not get bored and disturb baby through out the session.

Preparing for the session
If possible try and keep little one awake before the session. You can do this by bathing, massage, nappy changing or simply trying to engage baby prior to the session. Just before you leave your home it is advised that you give baby a feed. Our aim is for baby to fall into a deep sleep throughout the session and keeping baby active and feeding just before will encourage this. Dress baby in loose fitting clothes that you will be able to easily remove, this will ensure there will be no red marks on babies skin.

What will I need?
Depending on whether we do the shoot in the comfort of your own home (advised) or on location, you will need plenty of milk, more is better than not enough as baby will probably feed more than usual during the session. Spare nappies, wipes, baby blanket and of course dummies if they use them. It is advisable to bring a little oil/vaseline and cotton wool if baby tends to have flaky skin, this can also be done before you leave home. I have a  range of props and hat’s that I will use although you may want to bring a special toy or blanket that you would like to be featured in some of the images. If you have seen shots of newborns with a particular props else where and are keen to use something similar I may have it, if not their usually very reasonable to purchase and you can bring it with you. If you are planning on having pictures taken with your baby I would suggest bringing a change of clothes. Plain colour’s work well particularly black or white. If you prefer colour then I suggest you colour co-ordinate, no pattern’s or printed T-Shirt’s.

Essentials: Even if you do not give your baby a dummy/pacifier it is a good idea to bring one to the session. This is a huge help to sooth baby during the session, and can make the session quicker and more straightforward rather than constant feeding that can sometimes occur. As it is used for such a short time baby will not become reliant on it if you prefer your baby not to have one. Some babies just settle better with a dummy/pacifier during the session. But again this is totally up to you.

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A little Older? The best is yet to come.......

You may have gone past the newborn stage without any professional photographs and wishing you had> however, do not worry, all these were captures between5-6 months old and that is definitely a time you want to capture. This is when their little personalities start to shine through, some are on the move and all are smiling! These images are fun! They are also very fun to take You are not only limited to your home but also the park, the beach, you name it Im sure we can get access. Newborn Photography - Talia 2018Newborn Photography - Talia 2018Baby Talia What to do now?

If you are interested and would like to know more about a Newborn photoshoot then send an Equiry and we will send you are Welcome Guide which will detail everything from what to do the night before to prices and packages.