Location Scouting for Location based photoshoots: Tittesworth Water

July 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

My beautiful family

So another weekend is upon us and as our little newborn is only 6 weeks old we've decided to use the day to go an visit Tittesworth Water, also known as Tittesworth Reseviour. It had been recommended to us by new friends and colleagues as a great place for the family, to go for a walk and enjoy and ice-cream. So of we went. And let me tell you they were not wrong. It was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!! With the huge resivour, geese, big open green spaces, streams, children play area and not to forget good ice-cream AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF THE SUN. However, there wasn't much place to find shade apart from the gorgeous hidden stream that you can see in the pictures. 

Of course the beautiful little curly haired girl in the photos is my daughter and let me tell you 995 of the time she is no fan of having her photo taken which is why lifestyle location based photography is really the best (only) way of me getting beautiful images of her! She loves to play, search for mini beasts, explore and give hugs so incorporate that into our day and tahdah! We have our pictures! Her smiles are real, our connection is real...when i ask her about the day or when she sees the pictures it brings back sweet memories. Im not sure a studio can ever really do that and this is why my passion lies outside of the studio, in the great outdoors with real people, places and emotions!

If you would like to update you family album, or even start one why not contact me at joanna@tolandphotography.co.uk or call 07808155575 to arrange a family photoshoot. Prices start from as little at £99.....I think you could buy 1 image and a print in a studio for that....I know I'm being cheeky but I really believe every family should have beautiful photos of those they hold close to their heart, not just the wealthy!

Family Photoshoot at Tittesworth Water


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