Christmas Mini Set Up with Toland Photography in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire

November 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So I've had a few questions about the set that I have used for my christmas minis and thought id create a blog to help others that may have been in my shoes earlier on in the year......

How do you get the 'lights' look in the background?

I have found in the past that clients like to have a couple of normal studio shots swell as christmas themed so rather then setting the lights up and taking them down again, which would be kind of stressful for 20 minute minis i keep my background plain white and I purchased a set of Christmas digital backgrounds from Esty. I then used these as an overlay on my final edited images. So much easier for me!

Where do I buy my backgrounds from?

In my christmas minis I have just kept the studio bare in terms of backdrops, only using props. However, as mentioned above i buy the Christmas lights backdrop from Easy...I think this has to be my favourite online store!

Where did I find my props?

The Range!!!!! I love this shop and i could literally spend all day in there!!! They have so much and I have chosen this year to go with the traditional christmas colours even though i was highly tempted with the whites silvers and blues........probably because i have two girls obsessed with Frozen and subconsciously working on my creative side!

What is the best way to get the snow look on the floor?

So I started with a Faux fur blanket but I have just discovered the use of 'Teddy bear stuffing' its amazing so my next set of mini's will be featuring that as the I will let you know how that goes but i am excited as he test shots have turned out great so far!

How long to I set for my minis and why?

So anyone who has had experience knows its a tough one to keep little ones entertained and interested for long and with a squawking bird puppet, bells and a couple of other toys (age related) and with the help of mum and dad I have found 20 minutes is perfect. However, there are always going to be those little ones who are not feeling great on the day and then its up to you and the client to discuss next steps. But I find including mum and dad in the shots helps loads!

Do all clients sign a contract?

YES! This helps both me a the photographer and the client. Why you may ask? well so that the client knows exactly what to expect from the time frame of their images being ready, how they will receive them, the standard produced and for me to know they understand the procedure and outline of the session.

How do I prepare clients for a session?

I send my clients a checklist with a number of items on it to help ensure they are ready for the photoshoot, this includes having clothes/outfits laid out the night before, a bag packed with spare clothes, foods not to eat before the photoshoot (primarily things that will stain the models mouths especially orange or red foods). What time to aim for and most importantly to make sure our little models are well feed...hunrgy models do not like having their photo taken.

How do you share your images with clients?

I use an online gallery called Shootproof, I can not recommend them enough! They are great and it is such an easy platform to share with your clients. From here they can share their images on social media, purchase digitals, prints and canvases. You can also include your own self fufilled products!


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