Qualified as an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop

July 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

From using Adobe Lightroom for the last 5 years I was very happy with the editing results that it produced. However, I occasionally recieved requests such as changing the colour of a t-shirt, removing tattoo's, wrinkles, scars, unwanted bulges or even people from the background, and whilst this can be partially done through the ever changing and developing lightroom, this was Photoshops area of expertise. Therefore, I embarked on an online learning course to develop the basics before enrolling to an intensive masters course, resulting in a final exam produced by Adobe which I passed and I am now officially a Certified Adobe Expert in Photoshop. My learning will not stop here and I have already enrolled onto yet another Adobe course (Illustrator). My creative side just can not be contained anymore, especially with the potential I've seen with both photography, graphics, design and photoshop. 


So what did I do the first evening I returned home....well of course I started to put into action everything I had learnt. I have included just some images below that I combined to give you an idea of one aspect that you may require. You might have the perfect picture and there is some funny guy who has photo bombed in the background.....

If you have any issues with your photos, maybe blemishes, wrinkles, tired eyes or anything else that you wanted adjusting why not email me your image, in the highest quality possible and a description of what you'd like done and I can give you a quote. Most images can be fixed at a cost of £29.99-£49.99. Keep an eye up for examples to follow.


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