Fireworks in Wolstanton 2015

November 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Fireworks night in Wolstanton So with two little ones in the family Fireworks night is one of those you have to be so careful with. Not only for health and safety reasons but for the fright that may occur with the loud noises and the darkness. However, due to some quick thinking we had our own little fireworks night at my sisters home and of course never one to miss an opportunity to take my camera out, tonight was no exception. However, shooting in the dark was something I had never really done before.  Of course, I ad mastered dimly lit churches but this was more or less real darkness...hmmm. But I am not one to let a challenge pass me by so see below what has been produced. Not to bad for the first time. Of course you have to start some where so keep watching my blog to see me experiment more with these kind of conditions.

Fireworks night in Wolstanton


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