Newborn Photography (just a little late in taking the pictures- 2 weeks old)

February 22, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

So after a traumatic child birth it took me a little while to reach for my camera whilst meant those classic newborn posed images, with my little one easily moldable was gone as this period is with in 3-8 days of them being born. However, as you can see the images I caught of her are beautiful and my most treasured. I know I am slightly biased but what mother wouldn't be.

This is where the true love of photography really began. For the past three years I had mainly photographed sports events for schools. Being used to fast moving subjects was very different to now being faced with a beautiful little 2 weeks old who sat ever so still, transfixed on the big black object (my camera) moving around in front of her.

I know these images will be around forever more, sharing them with my friends and family all over the world and of course using them for our own personalised thank you cards for all the beautiful gifts we have received.


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